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Please click here to see our current videos of horses available along with our "You Tube" channel of horses we have sold in the past.  Please click this link:  http://www.youtube.com/trotitup also http://www.youtube.com/greatpuppies . From time to time; We do have horses for sale and available to view more videos at this link as well:  http://www.youtube.com/mtms2009

We currently have a few horses for purchase from our current training program.  Please see below the horses we currently have; (although from time to time we are unable to update our site as quick as they finish our program.  Please feel free to check with us with an email or phone call) as they are a part of our "Specialty Training" program and will soon be going to their new homes.  If you would like to share in on the program and have the horse of your dreams, we would love for you to read further below to understand more about us and what we do. 

As horses become available, we will most definitely add them to our website with details and video to give you an idea of their capabilities, skills, and experience.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Very consistent and reliable all around mare.  10 Year Old Black Bay Mare.  Cooperative for a variety of ages.  The daughter of a wonderful sire, Mr. Bills Cash.  Watch Video and Clips click here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqiHmbFBGas&list=UUthpk3IpXJk3E5QE_HHqAuw  Please email for more photos and details.  Approximately 15 hands tall.  This mare is not only a great little performance horse in the arena but excels and soars above many trail horses.  She is not a hot horse, has never been gate soured, and brings about a calm and relaxed atmosphere in and around her rider.  She flexes both laterally and vertically and moves off her hind quarters well.  She breaks at the poll and drives from behind when asked, and/or you can ride her on the trail in a loose reign.  Gypsy is that hard to find temperament in a mare, not “marrish” on the trail or in the pasture and is empowered to please you in all she can.  Rides and Races in a light snaffle bit without a tie down keeping her head level and readily to add more speed.  A confident girl well adjusted to the arena and ready for beginner, experienced youth, and/or adult riders wanting to enjoy a horse with versatility in many venues.  She stands well for trimming with electric clippers, holds well and still for being shod and/or trimmed, and loads/unloads into the trailer with ease.  Has nice solid hooves, strong legs, and a big heart willing to make you shine and enjoy a quiet relaxing ride with your friends.  She is trusting in her rider to ride out alone.  Gypsy is easy to catch in the pasture, stands quiet at the trailer, and is gentle to work with on the ground with great ground manners. We are asking $5,500.00.  A wonderful horse ready to comply in any direction you want to take her, from trail riding, ranch sorting, barrel racing, jumping, mountain shooting, and or just enjoying yourself around the farm and ranch, you will enjoy the time spent atop Gypsy.  This mare has a nice level head to just point and go.  Not spooky. Don’t miss out on this classy mare.  Gypsy is NOT registered.  Great for beginners as well.  Located near Mountain Grove, Missouri.  We do have a great selection of Shippers available to ship to the greater part of the U.S. and Canada.

This is "Smokey" our 7 year old Registered Bay Quarter Horse Gelding.  He is approximately 15.1 hands tall.  Smokey is out of great Athletic and Foundation Ranch stock bred here in Missouri.  Watch a video of him by clicking here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO9z6GXdWP4  and or typing this link into your address bar on the internet.  Finished cutting training, has had 6 months of performance training, advanced through trial and field jumping training, and onto excel in trail riding.  He knows his leads, has a nice sit and roll back, a great vertical and horizontal flexion, smooth break at the poll and back, side passes, yields to pressure, and much, much more.  He is very responsive and moves off of pressure quickly with ease.  Smokey will need an intermediate to experienced rider.  He is very willing and forgiving, has a great hip, nice smooth, quick moving shoulder, and a wonderful headset that leaves him pliable and well conditioned for a great majority of work: from cow, trail, to the show arena, from English, to western, and would make a wonderful barrel racing or team penning prospect –  we believe he has the great potential to do well for you in any direction.  We have used him for pony-ing other horses and bringing in the herd.  Great Trail and/or endurance horse.  He keeps a great level head when ridden in the rain, snow, wind, and/or storm.  Smokey has a great handle on him; neck reins great, direct reins as well, crosses the water, moves off leg aids extremely well, moves along with your weight and shifting cues, stands tied, loads in the trailer with ease, clips (with electric clippers), and trims well.  We are currently asking $6,500.00 for Smokey.  A wonderful horse for a competitive spirit and/or a person wanting to do something more advanced on the trail and in the arena.  Don’t miss out on this smart gelding.  Located near Mountain Grove, Missouri.  We do have a great selection of Shippers available to ship to the greater part of the U.S. and Canada.  (417)259-9348, (417)252-1601 or email royalridgekennel@yahoo.com

Feel Free To Call Us At: (417)259-9348, (417)252-1601 and or Email Us At:  royalridgekennel@yahoo.com

Searching for the right horse?
Tired of people miss-representing their horses?
Having to search through several farms/peoples ideas of their horses being well broke?
Disappointed in everyone’s idea of experienced being completely different?
Exhausted to purchase a horse and have it ride completely different at home?

Although some horses may look great in photo, and wonderful on paper, we understand the variety when you look at them in person:  the range in temperament and credibility of accomplishments.

We pride ourselves in providing you a safe and sound mount fulfilling all that you’ve dreamed of; whether it be from trails to the show ring, from cow work to the competitive gaited community we are excited to share with you our end result of giving you a confident, respectful, and pleasant equine partner to keep and enjoy throughout where life’s trails lead you.  

Once a horse is accepted into our program, (even though many are seasoned riding horses and might already have the riding and training experience needed) each horse must accomplish and finish our program and riding disciplines to graduate and be matched up with their new forever home.  We do this to ensure that we are providing a safe horse to a well balanced riding companion.  The best form of advertising is “Word Of Mouth” so we like to get the word out by providing and graduating wonderful horses. We have had over 5 years of experience placing horses graduating from our program in homes across America and are happy to share with you customer and vet references upon request.  

Let us (Royal Ridge Farm) help you.  We have over (35 years combined experience in training & teaching in the equestrian world.)  If you know or love “natural horsemanship” than look no further.  We have skill, experience, and knowledge in working with local breeders and trainers to find “just the perfect” horse that you are wanting – disciplined well in the area you so desire.  Dream big; share with us in specifics (any breed) heights, color, eye appeal and specific riding disciplines.  We only have a few slots available every 3 months, so please understand there may be a wait to what you are looking for.  Good things come to those who wait! 

To receive a packet of information in regards to our program and an application to consider your request and commitment please contact us via email at: royalridgekennel@yahoo.com and or call (417)259-9348, (417)252-1601.  Also view our you tube channel with Horse that have graduated in the past at  http://www.youtube.com/trotitup and http://www.youtube.com/mtms2009

Learn More About Our "Kids & Equine" Program
Click Here:  http://www.doublerranch.org

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WARNING: Under Missouri laws, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to the revised Statutes of Missouri. (R.S.Mo 537.325)

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